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Into Russia, Winter 2005/06


Astrakhan and the Volga River

Top Three: Tim passing through the city of Astrakhan over the Volga river- first time in such a big city on the horses! Tim with Liudmilla Kiseleva (left) and Inna (right.) Liudmilla helped Tim immensely with his arrival in Russia and escort through the city


Liman, Yandik- new year on the Russian steppe

Top 2: On New years eve Tim arrived in Liman on the edge of the Astrakhan and Kalmikian steppe His horses were looked after by Mikhail, a Cherkes national (a nationailty in the Caucasus) who was proud to show me his stud of Akaltikinski horses and traditional riding dress


The Kalmik Steppe

1 Tim crossing the Kalmik steppe on the edge of 'Chernoye Zemlya Zapavednik.' This is one of the natural springs to which wild herds of Saiga come to drink at in Summer. 2.The openess of he Kalmik steppe with a sprinkling of snow inspires a sense of freedom


Meetings in Elista, Kalmik capital

Tim is greeted by Ertne Bakaev, the deputy prime-minister of Kalmikia Here he presents Tim with a Chechen Kinzshal knife