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On The Trail of Ghengis Khan

All three drinking at a bucket hauled up from a well

Nikolaiv to Kodima (Autumn 2006)

After returning from a journey to Australia to accept the Australian Geographic Adventurer of the Year Award, Tim set off in October from the city of Nikolaiv in southern Ukraine and travelled as far as the town of Kodima, only a few kilometres from the border with Moldavia


The Kazak/Russian border (December 2005)

 (Some photos taken by an Astrakhan journalist as I made the border crossing Here I cross out of Kazakhstan, cross a part of the volga on a barge After a night in between the borders I arrive at Russian customs (on the 13th of December)


Turned back by Russian customs! (October 2005)

 Top: Saying goodbye to Kazakhstan in the village of Kuigen Middle: Being taken out to lunch by the veterinary department of customs on the Kazak border Tim looks a bit despairing the morning after being turned around by Russian Customs

Otrar & Turkistan

Autumn In Kazakhstan (2005)

Below you can find some photos from Tim's last month of riding in Kazakhstan between Kulsari and the Russian border near Astrakhan on the Volga river delta (September/October 2005)

Satellite call from desert village

Summer in Kazakhstan (2005)

From the Betpak Dala in South East Kazakhstan to temperatures soaring above 50 degrees celsius These photos offer glimpse of the way through the western deserts to the Caspian Sea

Enter Kalmikia

Into Russia, Winter 2005/06

In December Tim arrived from Kazakhstan in Russia and crossed the Volga river in the city of Astrakhan As the Volga froze over he headed south towards Dagestan before heading west through the fairytale steppe of Kalmikia

Family Picture Before Leaving

First Steps in Mongolia (Summer 2004)

Tim has now set out on his journey across Mongolia


Into Kazakhstan (Autumn 2004)

 From the East, towards the West.

Over Bogong

Training in the Australian Alps (Dec/Jan 2003/2004)

Over the new year in December/January (03/04) Tim and his partner Kathrin had their first real taste of packhorse travel